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Stop opening and closing your garage door manually

Garage Door Openers

Springs, drums, and cables do the heavy lifting, but without a garage door opener you are left opening and closing your garage door manually. This is quite rare in today’s day and age. Garage Guys use LiftMaster openers made by Chamberlain. We chose these openers because they are very durable and extremely user friendly.

There are three main types of garage door openers for homeowners to choose from.  A chain drive may be the perfect fit for a detached garage that is used for housing your car and/or for storage.  These drives are typically a little louder than the other drives, but are extremely reliable and may provide a cost savings.  A belt drive may be a better fit for an attached garage… especially if there is a bedroom above or near the garage.

The Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS) found in belt drives, paired with our ball bearing nylon rollers make for an extremely quiet experience.  The final option is a screw drive opener, which does not use a belt or a chain.  This means there are less moving parts, which leads to less maintenance.  Garage Guys use a single rail system for all of our overhead openers, which increases structural integrity.

In addition to the overhead openers that Garage Guys offer, we also offer wall mount openers, or jackshaft openers. These openers are mounted to the wall and to the torsion bar that your springs and drums rest on. Jackshaft openers rotate the torsion bar directly, which eliminates the need for a rail and hanging brackets.  This provides a very clean look above your garage door and a lot of additional space for storage. Jackshafts are often used with garage doors that have low headroom clearance as well as those with high-rise tracks. They are as quiet as belt drive openers.

Whether it is a chain drive, a belt drive, or a wall mount drive, you have the option to choose an opener with a battery backup or an opener that is backup capable. Most of these openers allow up to 8 cycles on a single charge. This option has saved many folks who would have otherwise been stranded during a power outage. The backup batteries are either housed in a designated space inside the opener or on the side of the opener. As long as the opener is plugged in to a powered outlet, the batteries will be charging so nothing needs to be done during an outage.

Another great feature with some of these openers is MyQ WiFi capabilities. Once you have downloaded and set up the app from the app store or the playstore, you are able to open and close your garage door directly from your smart phone. There are many capabilities included with these smart openers and they are all backed by Security+ 2.0. This increases radio range and virtually eliminates interference in most conditions.

All of our openers include 2 car remotes, new sensors, a new in-door push button, and an outdoor keypad. Once we have mounted your new opener and hardware, we will adjust your open/close force and distance and will align your sensors. We will ensure that your included remotes are programmed and that you know how to reset your keypad code.

Whatever you need… a new opener, a car remote, or a new keypad for an existing opener, Garage Guys is thrilled to be of service.

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