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Garage Guys are the leaders in epoxy coated garage floors.

Floors, floors, and more floors.

Does your garage floor have cracks, stains and uneven surfaces? We can fix that in just two days. Garage Guys’ epoxy flooring system is the best solution for those out-of-whack floors. Our exclusive product is long lasting, durable and provides a maintenance-free garage floor.

Oil spill? No problem. Just wipe it off – no stain.

Is salt dripping from melting snow on your car? No problem. Just wipe it down. No damage to the floors.

What makes our system stand out from the rest?

Our products are commercial grade epoxies. The same heavy-duty epoxy systems that are used in commercial warehousing for heavy traffic areas. Our unique two day system combined with our skilled trained technicians guarantees your satisfaction. Preparation is the name of the game. We can comfortably say that we deliver the best and most durable floors on the market. We will also say the life of these floors is due to quality of installation.

Your finished floor will have an anti-slip grip that offers a friendly walk-able surface that eliminates all worries of slipping.

With our epoxy system you will no longer have to keep looking at those cracks and stains. You will be able to enjoy years of maintenance-free floors.

You may ask, “What’s the difference between our product and the stuff you can buy at the hardware store?” The average epoxy product that you purchase on your own is meant to last for just a year with regular use. Most will start cracking and chipping off. You will also start seeing discoloration and it might start to lose its adhesion. Our product was developed to withstand forklifts and other heavy machinery. It will not crack, chip or discolor.


We have over 100 different designs and styles you can choose from. From a standard one color finish to custom logos of your favorite team or car. The possibilities are endless.

Need a little more to sell your home?

Epoxy flooring is a great selling point when it comes time to put your house on the market. The garage door is the new front door. When it opens and they see the dust free clean floor it gives an increased sense of value immediately.

It’s an eye catcher to everyone who sees it.

They were friendly and informative. Had the parts needed in the truck and completed the work on the spot. I would recommend them.

Carin M. Oak Park, IL Project: Repair or Adjust a Garage Door Opener

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