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Nowadays your garage has turned more into the family recreational room / pavilion / local hangout, pretty much a room for all uses! Just think….what is my garage missing?? Well, I will tell you one thing, it’s not bugs!! You got plenty of bugs in there. It is not mosquitoes either. Wait!!!! I think I got it…leaves and debris!? No? It has that too. I’ve got it! A screen! Full size garage door screen that is what it is missing. With that makes sure all those pesky things will be missing from your garage. Now you won’t have anymore bugs, leaves, mosquitoes or debris! You will have a clean, well ventilated garage that just turned itself into a screened in Garagzebo! You need and deserve a nice screen for your garage door and the privacy it also gives you.

Garage Guys works with one screen system and one screen system only. The lifestyle screen system with a lockable, retractable entry door. It is heavy duty system that custom built out of aluminum. Garage Guys will custom cut and assemble the greatest garage screen system in the world, on-site, right at your home! We offer many different frame colors and screen colors as well. We even offer super screen that is coated with UV degradation resistant acrylics. When it comes to screens super screen is as tough as a screen gets. The system opens easily like a second garage door and you can easily walk in and out of the retractable screen door in the center of the screen.

It takes our factory trained professionals a full work day to build, install and adjust your screen systems. So your garage screen door is custom to have a perfect fit to your garage. This IS NOT your average garage screen, this is a custom heavy duty system using a boxed aircraft aluminum frame and heavy duty hardware. We only install products we stand behind. This is a one of a kind custom screen system that works like a screen garage door. Take a look at the photo gallery from our happy customers.

Time to give up the bugs, mosquitoes, leaves, dust and debris. Get your garage screen system today! Keep your garage cool and ventilated. Keep your garage private. It will take time to adjust to a bug free Garagzebo but we are sure you will adapt and enjoy it for years to come.

Garage Guys have installed hundreds of the lifestyle screen systems and we back our labor with a 5 year installation warranty. Lifestyles screens provides you with a product warranty we put it in right the first time! Call Garage Guys and get your new screen today!

They were friendly and informative. Had the parts needed in the truck and completed the work on the spot. I would recommend them.

Carin M. Oak Park, IL Project: Repair or Adjust a Garage Door Opener

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